About Us

PreciseMent aims to alleviate the burden on patients, physicians, and clinical research organizations by abbreviating the time it takes to match individuals suffering from psychiatric and mood disorders with the most appropriate treatment for them. We are inspired in what we do by the conviction that current diagnostic and treatment pathways require a more personalized, efficient, and targeted approach that avoids excruciating delays and spiralling healthcare costs, and we believe our custom technology provides an answer to this challenge.

At PreciseMent, we believe there is a faster and more patient-centered way to treat psychiatric conditions than the way of conventional medicine. Our unique methodology matching the right patient with the right treatment not only adheres to established diagnostic and intervention codes, but also captures individual patient differences at the genetic and molecular level in the form of biosignatures. It’s precision medicine born of the union between biology, multiomics technology, and artificial intelligence.

We embarked on this journey after having witnessed the suffering of people living with debilitating mood disorders, which is extended when they are prescribed a treatment that may well work for others with the same condition, but is ineffective for them. When this happens, it is usually due to underlying differences in their biological and genetic makeup, and the time that passes until they are put on the right therapy – after trying one or more over the course of weeks, months or even years – not only prolongs their anguish, but also elevates the emotional and economic costs to their loved ones and the healthcare system at large. On the other side of the care continuum, many psychiatrists we have spoken to have also shared their hopes for a tool that would enable them to provide more personalized and efficient treatment for their patients than the ones currently at their disposal.